Auto Etiquette is a boutique entertainment company focused on showcasing the most classiest & sophisticated communities the automotive industry has to offer. Etiquette is a code of behavior & we’ve created a code of which our company will abide by. These codes make us different.



No Trophies

The outcomes of events shouldn’t be dictated by how many trophies a vehicle wins, but rather the relationships we create with our fellow enthusiasts at these events.

Our events feature no trophies. No trophies = no biased winners, no controversies, no jealousy, & more positive social vibes.


Showing Respect

We will never be biased towards certain vehicles. We encourage you to do the same. Show respect to your fellow enthusiasts.

We believe that just because you drive a vehicle that’s a different make or model as another enthusiast doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. It’s time to change that perception.

We believe in treating women with the highest class, respect, & admiration. We don't believe in sexualizing our women for the sake of promoting our brand. You should only be attracted to class.


Lead By Example

We are a reflection of our automotive community. We promise to continuously strive to push the industry forward through new concepts & ideas. We don't want to follow the trends, we want to set them. We don't want to fit in, we want to stand out. Younger generations that don't drive yet look up to us & it's our responsibility to lead by example through our behavior.


Be dope, be cool, be respectful, be classy.